onsdag 27 maj 2009

About me Laven Fathi

"Her name is Laven Fathi and she was born under unusual circumstances, no just joking.
She was born in the Kurdish part of Iran and moved to Sweden when she was 6-7 years old.
Today, she is 27 years old and currently working as an journalist and also the library (Gottsundabiblioteket at Gottsunda centrum and also the city library Stadsbiblioteket in Uppsala) and as well as running this blog".

With this blog, I want to start discussions and to act as open boards for everyone interested and also creating diversity in many different and interesting subjects in everyday life.
This are parts of my thoughts and ideas that I have chosen to write down and share with you all.
I would like to try out an experiment for the fun of it.
For all of you who wants to have a go at it: try figuring out who I am, based on information you will receive on my blog and other things you can find on me.
It should be more interesting and deeper than me “being 27 years old and that I listen to music in my spare time” etc.
I would like to see if you can find something deeper and more interesting than that.
Good luck = )

Laven Fathi

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